What is the Iowa City Music Auxiliary?

We are an all-volunteer, parent organization dedicated to the support and enrichment of all perfomance music programs – band, orchestra, choir, show choir, and jazz bands– in the Iowa City Community School District. These great programs are avaliable to all students in the district, reaching students in 5th–12thgrade.

What We Support:

During the 2017/18 school year, we provided $88,000 to our music programs! This  includes:

  • $20,000 for transportation to events such as elementary band and orchestra tours. In addition to high-school honor bands and orchestra orchestras, etc.
  • $15,000 in support of All-State music events (transportation, entry fees, clinics, accomodation)
  • $12,000 in entry fees for competitions (e.g. SEIBA, Kennedy Orchestra)
  • $9,000 in support of staff for providing music, clinics, 5th grade band super lesson, etc.
  • $5,000 for uniform cleaning

Our support significantly reduces the cost of music education for the families in our community!

How can you join the Music Auxiliary? How much does it cost?
Rather than charging a membership fee, we raise money for music activities by asking for donations:

  • through mailings
  • at concerts (look for our collection boxes when you buy your tickets)
  • at special events like our Free Car Wash
  • through the ICCSD Foundation website (choose “Music Auxiliary” from campaign list):

Donate at the ICCSD Foundation

How else can you help?

  • Volunteer at one of our fundraisers
  • Ask your child’s music director about becoming their parent representative

Each month, a parent representative from each ICCSD Band, Orchestra, and Choir program attends the Iowa City Music Auxiliary meeting.

2018-2019 School Year Meeting Dates:

  • April 22 , 2019
  • June 3, 2019

2018-2019 Iowa City Music Auxiliary Board:

President Christine Blaumueller info@iowacitymusicauxiliary.org
Vice-President Katie Senn content@iowacitymusicauxiliary.org
Past President Deborah Wagner deborah.a.wagner@gmail.com
Treasurer Francine Rath francinerath@gmail.com
Secretary Mona Parekh secretary@iowacitymusicauxiliary.org
Ditrict Music Coordinator Jon Welch welch.jon@iowacityschools.org
Information Officer Bill Emerson bemerson@forceamp.com
City High Band Anita Schuckert aschuckert@mchsi.com
City High Orchestra Marc Janssen janssen3434@gmail.com
City High Choir Karen Charney kchar4@hotmail.com
West High Band Jamie Bagan jamie@baganfamily.com
West High Orchestra Martha Terry marthaterry24@yahoo.com
West High Choir Mona Parekh mona.parekh@kirkwood.edu
Liberty High Band Lori Doerschug lori.doerschug@gmail.com
Liberty High Choir
Liberty High Orchestra Sandy Kacena sandykacena@gmail.com
NCJH Band Lisa Heying heying.lisa@gmail.com
NCJH Orchestra Drew Mounce drewsteroo@hotmail.com
NCJH Orchestra Maureen Young mbhfyoung@hotmail.com
NCJH Choir Denise Zumbach dzumbach@icloud.com
SEJH Band Mary Murphy mg9425@mchsi.com
SEJH Orchestra Jeff Charis-Carlson jcharisc@gmail.com
SEJH Choir Laura Green Laura.Green@kirkwood.edu
NWJH Band Janis Deyak jdeyak@marykay.com
NWJH Orchestra Nicole Vogt  nicole-vogt@uiowa.edu
NWJH Orchestra Lori Genkinger  lorigenk@yahoo.com
NWJH Choir
Eastside Elementary Band Mandi Bozarth mandibozarth@gmail.com
Eastside Elementary Orchestra Heidi Pierce heidipierce.familiesinc@gmail.com
Westside Elementary Band
Westside Elementary Orchestra Omega Dancel dancel.omega@iowacityschools.org
Northside Elementary Band Valerie Hoffman valerie.f.hoffman@gmail.com
Northside Elementary Orchestra

Roles and Responsibilities of a Parent Representative:

    • Attend monthly Auxiliary meetings (4th Monday of the month) and give director’s report.
      • A week or so before the MA meeting, you may need to email your director to remind him/her to send you and the MA secretary a copy of their monthly report
    • Car Wash
      • At the September MA meeting parent rep will take 2 signs for each school they represent and post signs the Tuesday before the car wash
  • Take tickets/money at each concert you are a parent rep for
      • Get a list of parent emails from your director.  A week or so before each concert email parents and ask for 1-2 volunteers to help you take tickets/money at the concert.  This is a great way to other parents involved and maybe they will take on a larger MA responsibility in the future.
      • Find out from your director, for concerts where to get the following:
          • Programs and donor inserts
          • MA ticket signs
          • MA tri-fold poster
          • Orchid donor forms
        • Money box and family passes
      • Concert Procedures
          • MA sign displayed with the orchid donor letters nearby
          • Sign – price of tickets and family passes on the table where the money is taken
        • When someone purchases a family pass, they receive two passes (one for each parent). When a person presents a pass, that pass allows ALL family members (parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friend, etc.)in no matter how many.
    • Donor list inserted in the program
      • Music directors and parent rep need to discuss who will assemble.
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