Donor Recognition


A huge thank you to our supporters!

This recognition reflects donors who gave from Aug 2019–Jan 2020.

IMPRESARIO CIRCLE    $1,000 or more

Hilary and Luke Granfield
Emily and Jeremy Greenlee
Hills Bank and Trust
Iowa City Masonic Education Foundation

MAESTRO CIRCLE    $500 to $999

Angie and David Bywater
Greg and Lisa Fender
Meredith and Dan Gall
Brian Gehlbach and Krista Johnson
HJR Partnerhip
Lisa Lepic
Joe and Laura McCarragher
Music Playathon
Maryanne and Jared Nelson
Susan and Volkan Orhon
Brian and Debra Parrott
Wendy Shen and Ke Chen
Grant Van Beek and Martha Hemmingson-Van Beek
Paula and Ron Weigel

Platinum Baton    $250 to $499

Alberhasky Eye Clinic, PC
Joel and Sarah Bartlett
Belinda and David Bates
Mandi Bozarth and Blaine Greteman
Jackie Briggs and Eric Gidal
Carl Brown
Ben and Eve Clark
Liz and Matthew Croco
Donna, Donna, Donna, Michael and Michael D’Alessandro
Neal and Theresa Davis
Jeff and Beth Dill
Ben and Dena Dillon
Carol and Jeff Edberg
Dawn Flaherty and Marshall Bridges
Noemi Ford
Jennifer Horn-Frasier and Mike Frasier
Kieran and Christina Leopold
Shelly and Michael Maharry
Lori and Dennis Mascardo
Beth Pfohl
Mark and Elizabeth Phelps
Jon and Sherri Proud
Cheryl and Bob Reardon
Henry Schoon
Melinda and Chad Seering
Thomas and Jennifer Seery
Jim Sherlock and Stacey Hockett Sherlock
Kelly and Erek Sittig
Amanda Snow
Gail Takahashi
The Belland Team
Craig and Sara Vander Leest
Kanagadurga Venkatachalapathy and Shankara Rajaraman
David Weiss and Ute Muh
Deborah and Jason Wilbur

Gold Baton    $100 to $249

Molly Adams and Lucas Kuhlmann
Eva and Steven Anderson
Beth Bartlett
Carol and Gregg Bentler
Cyril Bergeron
Nicholas and Laura Bergus
Maresi Berry and Thomas Berry-Stoelzle
Douglas and Christine Blake
Christine Bollier
Carey Bostian and Miera Kim
Bowman Chiropractic Assoc.
Wyndee and Patrick Breheny
Megan Brown and Anthony Allou
Robert Caputo
Eileen and Lee Carmen
Heather and Mike Ciliberto
Douglass and Carol Curtiss
Neal and Theresa Davis
Tanya Decker
James and Sandra DeSchinckel
Jenny and Patrick Duffy
Susan Dulek
Tom Eckstein and Dionne Skeete
Moira Eggleston
Christine Elliott
Mari and Shawn Eyestone
Deb Eyestone
Dawn Fitzpatrick and Brad McDowell
Lori and Timothy Fowler
Errin Frank
Sarah and Kyle Galloway
Nathan Gillespie
Cristi Gleason
Sara and Gary Glenn
Sandi and Troy Hames
Gregory and Marla Hanson
Kana Hoshi
Douglas and Julie Houston
Brandi and Marc Janssen
Sophie Joly and Claude Pujol
Marianne Jones and Joe Nelson
Insoon Kim and Seongjin Seo
Karl and Sherry Koch
Laurie Kopp
Darla and Shane Kraske
Matthew Krasowski and Erica Reschly
Chris Lake
Tom Leavenworth and Lyse Strnad
Loren and Erica Leclair
Ming and Romy Lodh
Kelli Meaney
Robert and Michelle Morey
Mary Murphy
Leslie and Rudd Nelson
Cecilia and Andrew Norris
Linda Nudd
Beth Oakes and Eugene Buck
Hiroyuki and Keiko Oya
Janene Panfil and Don Stumbo
Brian and Lyn Petersen
Chcuk and Lynn Polfliet
Lauri Riss
Diane and Andy Roethler
Kristen and John Rummelhart
Jen Rumping
John Rutherford and Kris Kluseman Rutherford
Jessica and Joshua Schamberger
Julie and Kevin Schmidt
Amy and Randy Schultz
Saba Sedaghat
Carolyn Stelzer
Strang Piano Service
Jennifer and Robert Struthers
Martha Terry and Michael Ohl
Christie and Sarah Thomas
Rebekah and Michael Tilley
Jill Endres Tomek
Xin Tran and Loan Ngyuyen
Julie and Kenny Urmie
Andrew and Leslie Veit
Tammie and Chad Walker
Stephanie Wieskamp
Jianming Yang and Guangming Liu
Kari and Jon Yankey
Maureen Young and Drew Mounce
Xinmin Zhang

Silver Baton    $50 to $99

Janis Abkes
Lori Adams-Phillips
Mais Albaghdadi
Carryn and Michael Anderson
Eliot Blake and Kelly Fratzke-Blake
Mihaela Bojin
Valerie and Ryan Calderwood
Susan Caruthers and Rick Skow
Chris Caster and Terry Lindquist
Meredith and Andrew Chappell
Bin Chen
Bogdan and Gabriela Cherascu
Brett Cloyd
Maria Conley
Christina and Ty Cruce
Larry and Gerry Delong
Greg and Jill Delowery
Deb and Jon Doorn
Mark Falk
Emily and David Farber
Ann Fennell
Johanna and Jess Fiedorowicz
Hillary and Luke Finley
Liz and Scott Firmstone
Denise and J. Michael Gannon
Dave Gardner and Anita Johnson
Alicia Gerke
Fusako and Michihiko Goto
Marcy and Greg Hamilton
Laura Hendrickson
Joseph and Christine Hillberry
Darin and Kris Hochstetler
Valerie Hoffman
Danniele Holanda
Nancy and Randall Hollenbeck
Kenneth and Lynnette Holmes
Amanda and B. Ryder Houston
Emily Hughes
Jane H John and Issac Samuel
Yvette Jury
Erin Kaufman
Tim and Marisa Keeney
John and Mary Kenyon
Rebekah Kowal and David Bullwinkle
Cheryl Kraske
Thomas Lally and Sharon Degraw
Shaun Lane
Korene Lanxon
Fang Lin and Songhai Chen
Terry Lindquist
Huan-Chung Liu and Ya-Chin Mao
John and Michelle Lloyd
William Lovin and Robin Thomas-Lovin
Elizabeth and Dennis Mahy
Tarri Marquardt
Lara and Andrew Marsh
M. Elizabeth Matel
Colleen Minami
Sara and J.P. Moninger
Sarah and Dennis Nachtman
Monica Nadeau
Steve and Melissa Nielsen
Pam Nims
Alex and Kelly Pelzel
Tamera and Matthew Penning
Kurt Peterschmidt
Diane and Nathan Platte
Kate and Terry Ramsey
Wendy Reed
Patrick Reipe
Karen and Thomas Reitz
Colleen and James Rivera
Nicholas and Ann Schaefer
Linda and Edward Scheetz
Shannon and Jason Schoon
Doug Schoon
Scott and Melissa Schroeder
Kathy Schuh
A Shields
Alisa and Todd Shields
Joellen Shoemaker
Diana Shonrock
Brenda Smith
Samuel Smith
Jennifer Stacy-Adams
Alisa and Duane Staskal
Andrea and Eric Taylor
Yanfeng Tian and Dagong Wang
Julie and Kenny Urmie
Jane and Tony Vanden Bush
Jill and Kurt Vanderhoef
Steven and Cathryn Varga
Natasha Wendt
Angie and Brian Wicks
Todd and Marcia Widmer
Timothy and Sarah Williamson
Emily Wilson and Mark Levine
Theodore Wilson
Brad and Robin Wilson
Helen Xiang and Fang Meng

Bronze Baton    $25 to $49

Mary and Karim Abdel-Malek
Svetlana and Tomas Acas
Alexandra and Jeremy Ackerman
Helene and Peter Adams
Pauline Ashbaugh
Roy and Diane Bartlett
Luke Bartlett
Bella Vita Chiropractic
Valerie and John Blau
Jamie and Brent Bonner
Lori and Robert Branch
Jeneane and Matthew Brewer
Julie Bride
Elizabeth and Jared Bruening
Alison Burchett
Peggy Chidister
Tara and Steve Clark
Eean and Astyn Crawford
Eean and Astyn Crawford
Omega Dancel and Thang Nguyen
Matt Degler and Kate Degner
Thomas and Jo Elaine Dehart
Lori and Kevin Doerschug
DJ and Deb DuBois
Meri Duden
Rosemary Duden
Brad Dunlap
Heidi and Matthew Eckhardt
Blythe and Robert Fangmann
Jayne Finch and Rami Abu-Hijleh
Charles and Joanne Finch
Heidi Fincham
Meigan and Brian Fink
Dave Frisvold
Erin and Robert Froeschner
Chris Furlong
Kelly Garrett and Christopher Scherrer
Jon and Mara Goodvin
Teresa Grider-Baker and Todd Baker
Dan Grimes
Mark Grulke and Laura Mangrich
Joseph and Lisa Gumpper
Richard Haendel
Nancy Hakes
Linda and Gregory Hand
Jill Happel
Joe Hendrickson
Tim Holman and Meredith Sewell
Carolyn Hough
Susan Hough
Jill Johnson-West and David West
William Kearney and Ying Liu
John Keech
Jeff and Summer Knight
Elizabeth Koeppen
Sarah Kopp
Jennifer Kruse
Jeff and Jacki Kuepker
Thomas Lally and Sharon Degraw
Sharon Lieberman
Huan-Chung Liu and Ya-Chin Mao
Kirk and Meredith Logan
Laura and Salvador Martinez
Jill Meadows
Brian and Trisha Moon
Jason and Elizabeth Moore
Lee Nation
Amy Nolte
Paul and Renata Owens
Sara and Thaddeus Paisar
Brian and Lyn Petersen
Lin and Charles Pierce
Barry Ray
Jennifer and Brian Richman
Wayne Riley
Mindy Romero
Doug Sanders
Thad Sheldon
Sarah and Derek Shonrock
Trisha Smith
Angie and Jon Smith
Palmer Stward and Karen Beetham
Devon Terrill and Hershel Rephun
Christine Trochesset
Susan and Chad Van Scoyoc
Gene Ward
James and Gretchen Warkentin
Kara and Adam Weeks
Sarah Wiese
Laura Wolf
Debra and Michael Woodhouse
Michelle Zubcic