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Thank you to the following donors who contributed to us in 2018/19:

IMPRESARIO CIRCLE $1,000 or more

Leeann and Dave Hilfman
West Music
Tom Eckstein and Dionne Skeete
Hilary and Luke Granfield
Grant Van Beek and Martha Hemmingson-Van Beek
Linda and Eldon Prybil
Iowa City Masonic Education Foundation

MAESTRO CIRCLE $500 to $999

in honor of Aaron Ottmar
in honor of Dr. Myron McReynolds
Jennifer and Steve Ballard
Jackie Briggs and Eric Gidal
Will Brown and Dawn Ebach
Angie and David Bywater
Arlene Drack and Bill Emerson
Carol and Jeff Edberg
Mari and Shawn Eyestone
Greg and Lisa Fender
Meredith and Dan Gall
Brian Gehlbach and Krista Johnson
HJR Partnerhip
In Memorial of Roen Paulsen
Maryanne and Jared Nelson
Beth Oakes and Eugene Buck
Brian and Debra Parrott
Mel Sharafuddin and Lucy Wibbenmeyer
Edwin and Mary Stone
David Weiss and Ute Muh
Doug and Lori Wenzel
Steve and Victoria West
Deborah and Jason Wilbur
Xinmin Zhang

Platinum Baton $250 to $499

Shauntel and Randal Anderson
Belinda and David Bates
Christine Blaumueller and David Venzke
Diana Boeglin
Mandi Bozarth and Blaine Greteman
Eileen and Lee Carmen
Jeffrey and Chrstina Charis-Carlson
Ben and Eve Clark
Monique Di Carlo and Faith Wilmot
Ben and Dena Dillon
Edberg, Inc.
John Gluesing and Michele Cooley
John Gordon III
Don and Marie Gurnett
Jennifer Horn-Frasier and Mike Frasier
Sophie Joly and Claude Pujol
Randall and Jean Jordison
Ashwini and Nitin Karandikar
Robin and Todd Kopelman
Jason and Jennifer Lassner
Kieran and Christina Leopold
Lori and Dennis Mascardo
Cathy and Larry Miller
Mark and Leslie Nolte
Cecilia and Andrew Norris
Kristine Olson
Robert Parrish and Charity Nebbe
Kevin and Lisa Perez
Reck Violin Shop
Thomas and Jennifer Seery
Wendy Shen and Ke Chen
Kelly and Erek Sittig
Amy and Walter Sparks
Martha Terry and Michael Ohl
UICCU behalf of Becky Morse
Andrew and Leslie Veit
Angela and Leroy Volkman
Charlotte A. Wilson

Gold Baton $100 to $249

Thomas Aparna and Sarabdeep Singh
Alexander Bassuk and Yamini Bhagwat
James and Karen Berg
Nicholas and Laura Bergus
Sharon Berkowitz
Big Grove Brewery
Lizann Bolinger
Carey Bostian and Miera Kim
Bowman Chiropractic Assoc.
Megan Brown and Anthony Allou
Ken Brown and Amy Kristof-Brown
Chris Caster and Terry Lindquist
Phyllis Chang
Karen Charney and Benjamin Coelho
Songhai Chen and Fang Lin
Bogdan and Gabriela Cherascu
Guochen Chi
Dan and Kelly Clay
Cory and Jennifer Cremers
John and Kayla Cress
Liz and Mark Crooks
Croos Medical
Jeffery and Julie Dancer
Angela and Brandon Davies
Jennifer and Rhawn Denniston
Lalitagauri and Milind Deshpande
Janis and Dave Deyak
Helene and Theodore Donta
Tom Eckstein and Dionne Skeete
Laurel and Ben Faga
Dawn Flaherty and Marshall Bridges
Amy and Jeremy Fletcher
Noemi Ford
Errin Frank
Nathan Gillespie
Xiaoqun Guan and Liping Yang
Jim and Lynn Hackman
Audra and Jason Haddy
Michael and Haifa Hanna
Ken and Rosemary Hanson
Joseph and Christine Hillberry
Lynn Hudachek
Sophie Joly and Claude Pujol
Marianne Jones and Joe Nelson
Sandy Kacena
Deborah and Robert Kacmarynski
Young Kim
Brian and Jennifer Kirschling
Danelle and Ron Knoche
Robert Kopelman
Scott and Kaelyn Larson
Tom Leavenworth and Lyse Strnad
Jerry and Carol Litton
Alison and Eric Lynch
Patty and Scott McPherson
Michelle Mengeling and William Prescott
Joel and Sharon Milefchik
Christine and Max Mons
Family Morilly
Mary Murphy and Gregg Geerdes
James and Jean Neumann
Cecilia and Andrew Norris
Valerie and Erik Nyberg
Yunxia and Patrick O’Malley
Robert Parrish and Charity Nebbe
Tom and Francine Rath
Cheryl and Bob Reardon
Jean and Scott Rude
Kristen and John Rummelhart
John Rutherford and Kris Kluseman Rutherford
Sonja Rye and Doug Van Daele
Schltz Strings
Julie and Kevin Schmidt
Fatima Simsek-Duran and Eyup Duran
Amanda Snow
Andreas and Valerie Soemadi
Patrick and Janice Staber
Carolyn Stelzer
Matthew and Rmy Stier
Strang Piano Service
Susan Surom
The Velvet Coat
Christie and Sarah Thomas
Padmanabhan and Sharadha Vijay
Bethany and Jeff Vogts
Jeffery and Elisabeth Wagner
Adi and Moshe Wald
Donald Ward
Dr. Ronald Weigel
John, Brian and Brianna Wills
Doris Witt and Bluford Adams
Maureen Young and Drew Mounce

Silver Baton $50 to $99

Abbey Abbott
Janis Abkes
Svetlana and Tomas Acas
Dmitriy Acherkan
Alexandra Ackerman
Cameron Adams
Mahmoud Abou Alaiwa and Maya Kansoun
Jeff and Elaine Allen
Kim and John Anderson
Kiran Annam and Denise Kanne
Kristine and Paul Arens
Lucy and Jason Barker
Carson and Deborah Bartels
Astrid Bennett
Makhail Bergal and Olga Petrova
Cyril Bergeron
David and Constance Berman
Carrie Bernat
Bertelli Wood Floors
Eliot Blake
Valerie and John Blau
Jeremy Borchert
David Borger Germann
Douglas and Margaret Bottorff
Ryan and Christine Bowman
Karen Butler
Valerie and Ryan Calderwood
Bob and Michelle Cannon
Chad Burch,State Farm Agent
Christopher and Regina Cheatum
Sonja Christen
Shannon and Gary Christensen
Yi Chu and Michelle Yu
Heather and Mike Ciliberto
Tara and Steve Clark
Aprille Clarke and Denis Crall
Conley Chiropractic
Elaine and Neal Davis
Jennifer and Matthew DeBerg
Kristen and Jordan Degrazia
Guangming Du and Xiaodong Chu
Dennis and Martine Dunnwald
Lakshmi Durairaj
Antonin Dvorak
Julie Eisele and Dan Roach
Lecia and Eric Epping
Christine and David Etler
Deb Eyestone
Johanna and Jess Fiedorowicz
Lori and Timothy Fowler
Amy Freeman
Danielle and Aaron Frerichs
Laura Frey-Law and Ian Law
Chad and Terri Furlong
Yubo Gao and Yinghui Xu
Brenda and Elena Garcia
Dave Gardner and Anita Johnson
Lori Genkinger
Kristen and Matt Gilchrist
Fusako and Michihiko Goto
Terry Gromacki
Phillip and Andrea Gugliuzza
Goldene Braverman Haendel
Emily and Maya Hanna
Matthew and Sarah Hansen
Gregory and Marla Hanson
Dean and Mary Jo Harken
Suzanne Harney-Wright and Bruce Wright
Dave and Suzy Heck
Joshua and Heather Helmich
Daniel and Jennifer Hennager
Nancy and Randall Hollenbeck
Kenneth and Lynnette Holmes
Phillip Horwitz and Catherine Bradley
Damien Ihrig
Jant Iman
Natasha Ivanova
Erin and Tom Jordan
Tim and Marisa Keeney
John and Mary Kenyon
Elizabeth Koeppen
Rebekah Kowal and David Bullwinkle
Todd Kruse
Cornelia Lang and Michael Fallon
Korene Lanxon
James and Karen Larimore
Dawn and Brian Lenth
Bonnie Lieberman
Terry Lindquist
Jean Littlejohn
John and Michelle Lloyd
Jacob and Lis Lloyd
Haihong Ma
Patrick and Mary Malloy
Tarri Marquardt
Carrie and Uby Martinez
Maria and Rosendo Martinez
M. Elizabeth Matel
Salina McCarty
Renae and Patrick Mckay
Jill Meadows
n memory of Charles Stein/Stone
Cindy and Michael Meis
Steven and Victoria Merkle
Mike and Mary Merulla
Sara and J.P. Moninger
Jackie Moore
Robert and Michelle Morey
Lee Nation
Raeline and Thomas Netolicky
Susan and Volkan Orhon
Emily and Jesse Otero
Janene Panfil and Don Stumbo
Robert and Rita Parrish
Ingrid and Robert Philibert
Lin and Charles Pierce
Chcuk and Lynn Polfliet
Jared and Lynell Prelle
Luke and Tammia Prottsman
Stefanie Riepe
Steven and Jan Rippentrop
Jessica and Tim Roman
Mary and James Saunders
Linda and Edward Scheetz
Gretchen Schmuch and David Purdy
Scott and Melissa Schroeder
Kathy Schuh
Mirinda Schulz
Amy Schweitzer
Saba Seaghat
Silvia Secchi
Saba Sedaghat
Yang Hee Seo
Brian Shian and Helen Ma
Alisa and Todd Shields
Cory Sickler
Jason and Shelly Skala
Eric and Laura Soride
Alisa and Duane Staskal
Jennifer and Robert Struthers
Palmer Stward and Karen Beetham
Yanfeng Tian and Dagong Wang
Miriam and Kirk Timmer-Hackert
Gordon Tribbey and Janet Smith
Joseph and Pamela Tvrdy-Cleary
Julie and Kenny Urmie
Dana and Steven Van Abbema
David and Judith Vancleve
Steven and Cathryn Varga
Janet and Tim Vest
Sarah Anne Walz and Andy Tinkham
Harriet Wangen
Ben and Melanie Waterbury
Brent and Melisa Whited
Matthew and Susan Whittaker
Angie and Brian Wicks
Todd and Marcia Widmer
Timothy and Sarah Williamson
Helen Xiang and Fang Meng
Jill Young
Xin Zhang and Qunli Shi
Camille and Darrick Zirker

Bronze Baton $25 to $49

Teresa Alberhasky
Rod Alberhosky
Trina Asay
Jennifer Banta
Bella Vita Chiropractic
Michaele Benn
Torrance and Angela Bertelli
Paula Boback
Lori Branch
Sarah Burnes
Blake Cochran
Alli Corlette
Autumn and Travis Craig
Rhonda DeCook
Amy Dobrain and Michael Partridge
Amy Dobrian and Mike Partridge
Lori and Kevin Doerschug
Allison and Shawn Donavan
Matt and Katie Elsea
Tim Evans
Amy Evenson
Robert and Sandra Falck
Myrma Farraj
Charles and Joanne Finch
Erin and Robert Froeschner
Chris Furlong
Andrea and Brent Gage
Kari and Aaron Gibson
Greer Motors
Nicole and Michael Griffith
Isabella Grumbach
Connie Hamers
Mark and Wendy Henrichs
Ling Huang
Darla and Curtis Iburg
Jeanette Juarez
Karlene and David Katz
Emma Kearney and Ying Liu
Phillip Kilcrease
Brent and Heather Kimm
Molly and Matthew Knepper
Jeff and Summer Knight
George and Tatiana Kornstead
Jenilyn and Timothy Lewis
Kirk and Meredith Logan
Kun-Hong Lu
Elizabeth and Dennis Mahy
Elyu and Satsuki Matsumoto
Britt and Rob McConnell
Lindsay McGowan
Carrie and Andrew McKnight
Brenda and Steve Miller
Brian and Trisha Moon
Rebecca and Glenn Morse
Deane Mosher and Frances Fogerty
Tennille and Dante Nelson
Marcy Neumann
Noteworthy Music Inc.
Carmen and Joe Nugent
Kimberly Nuxoll
Jennifer and Ryan Olson
Paul and Renata Owens
Michael Partridge
Janelle Patrick
Maureen Patterson
Brian and Lyn Petersen
Josh Prieskorn
Melissa Prieskorn
Denise and Phillip Prybil
Fred Reinhart
Jennifer and Brian Richman
Joe Ritlan
Pat Robertson and Kim Ewert
Anthony Rodriguez and Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez
Heather Saunders
James and Maureen Schafer
David and Elizabeth Schau
Julie and Kevin Schmidt
Lori Schrader
David Schwindt
Cindy and Melvin Shaw
Angie and Jon Smith
Trisha and Chad Smith
Beth Smith
Kim and Mike Spading
Amy Spicher
Jennifer Stacy-Adams
Matt and Chris Stillwell
Josh Stokes
Lisa and Tucker Stone
Maxine Surratt
Andrea and Eric Taylor
Kathleen Thompson
Chirstine and Edward Tibesar
Brian Vogelgesang
Nicole and Gary Vogy
Mary and Ron Volesky
Anthony Walsh and Emily Carter Walsh
James and Gretchen Warkentin
Roxanne Weins
Stanley and Martha Widner
Gordon and Patricia Williams
Brad and Robin Wilson
Liyuan Wu and Jingjuan Tan
Kari and Jon Yankey