About Us

What is the Iowa City Music Auxiliary?

We are the parent organization dedicated to the support and enrichment of all performance music programs – band, orchestra, choir – in the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD). These great programs are available to every student in the district, reaching students in 5th–12th grade.

What we support

During the 2022/2023 school year, we provided approximately $55,000 to our music programs, including:

    • Transportation (e.g., elementary and junior high tours, travel for high school performing groups)
    • Entry fees for competitions and honors ensembles
    • Direct support to all elementary, junior high, and high school music programs for music stands, sheet music, choreography, and instruments)
    • Travel expenses (e.g., registration fees, hotel rooms, and competition arrangements for the choir directors)
    • Uniform cleaning (i.e., marching bands)
    • Student awards

Our support significantly reduces the cost of music education for the families in our community!

Changing needs for the 2023-2024 school year

ICCSD is committed to delivering our high-quality Performance Music programs, so the need for financial support from parents and the community remains. Our goal is to increase our fundraising efforts to expand our support for new music experiences for our students.

How can you join the Music Auxiliary?

Rather than charging a membership fee, we raise money for music activities by asking for donations:

    • through mailings
    • at concerts (look for our collection boxes at the program table)
    • at special events like our Winter Salt Sale and Spring Garden Sale
    • through the ICCSD Foundation website :

Donate at the ICCSD Foundation

How else can you help?

    • Volunteer at one of our fundraisers
    • Become an at-large member
    • Join the executive board
    • Ask your child’s music director about becoming their parent representative

Each month, a parent representative from each ICCSD Band, Orchestra, and Choir program attends the Iowa City Music Auxiliary meeting.

2023-2024 School Year Meeting Dates:

All meetings will be held on the 4th Monday of the month at 7 pm. Three meetings will be held at the high schools, and the rest will be held through Zoom (updates to this schedule is coming soon).

        • September 25, 2023
        • October 23, 2023
        • November 27, 2023
        • (No meeting in December)
        • January 22, 2024
        • February 26, 2024
        • March 25, 2024
        • April 22, 2024
        • May 27, 2024

Roles and Responsibilities of a Parent Representative:

      • Attend monthly Auxiliary meetings (4th Monday of the month) and give director’s report.
        • A week or so before the MA meeting, you may need to email your director to remind him/her to send you and the MA secretary a copy of their monthly report
      • Participate on committees, such as:
        • Corporate fund raising
        • Winter salt sale
        • Merchandise
        • Spring garden sale
        • Social media
      • Concert Procedures

        • Set out Music Auxiliary information sign
        • Collection donations
        • Hand out programs
        • Hand out donor inserts at the end-of-the-year concerts
        • Give donations to a school administrator or the director at the end of the concert