Donor Recognition


A huge thank you to our supporters!

Your contributions made a big difference to music students in the Iowa City Community School District. More than 4200 students, in grades 5 through 12, took part in school performance music programs (band, choir, and orchestra), during this unusual pandemic school year. Your donations made it possible to provide music, PPE, software, and more to help teachers and students make the best of our situation. We are looking forward to more in-person classes and events in the coming year!

This recognition reflects donations from Aug 2020–May 2021.

IMPRESARIO CIRCLE       $1,000 or more

Emily and Jeremy Greenlee
Tom Eckstein and Dionne Skeete
Hills Bank and Trust Hills Bank logo

MAESTRO CIRCLE       $500 to $999

Wyndee and Patrick Breheny
Meredith and Dan Gall
Darla and Shane Kraske
Carol and Jerry Litton
Joe and Laura McCarragher
Lee and Glenda Rabe
Devon and Jennifer Yoder
HJR Financial Group

Platinum Baton       $250 to $499

Mandi Bozarth and Blaine Greteman
Carl Brown
Angie and David Bywater
Ben and Eve Clark
Donna and Michael D’Alessandro
Brian Gehlbach and Krista Johnson
Fusako and Michihiko Goto
Jennifer Horn-Frasier and Mike Frasier
Lisa Lepic
Mary Palmberg
Jim and Barb Reck
John Rutherford and Kris Kluseman Rutherford
Melinda and Chad Seering
David Weiss and Ute Muh
Carrie Houchins-Witt Tax & Financial Services LLC

Gold Baton       $100 to $249

Molly Adams and Lucas Kuhlmann
Lori Adams-Phillips
Terry and Jill Braun
Jackie Briggs and Eric Gidal
Megan Brown and Anthony Allou
Merrie-Anne Casko
Bogdan and Gabriela Cherascu
Liz and Matthew Croco
Ben and Dena Dillon
Deb and Jon Doorn
Mike Ephraim
Erin Finch
Jennifer Fish
Jay Franklin
Sarah and Kyle Galloway
Brenda and Elena Garcia
Phillip and Andrea Gugliuzza
Ron and Bev Herman
Julie and Douglas Houston
Natasha Ivanova
Sophie Joly and Claude Pujol
Deborah and Robert Kacmarynski
Joe and Julie Kearney
John and Gail Keller
Karl and Sherry Koch
Kieran and Christina Leopold
Cindy and David McDowell
Rosalie Moninger
Kathryn Morrilly
Mary Murphy and Gregg Geerdes
John Phillips
Beth Pruessner
Wendy Reed
Diane and Andy Roethler
David Schwindt
Jennifer and John Selby
Daniel Stoddard
Eve Swanson
Martha Terry and Michael Ohl
Steven and Cathryn Varga
Jingying Xu and Guochen Chi
Helen Young
Heidi Zahner-Younts
Xinmin Zhang
Steindler Orthopedic Clinic

Silver Baton       $50 to $99

Jonathan and Tiffany Adrain
Teresa Alberhasky
David and Tammy Anson
Alexander Bassuk and Yamini Bhagwat
David and Constance Berman
Eliot Blake and Kelly Fratzke-Blake
Gabe Bodzin
Mihaela Bojin
Ryan and Christine Bowman
Alison Burchett
Emily Campbell
Steve and Leslea Collins
Rhonda DeCook
Matt Degler and Kate Degner
Larry and Gerry Delong
Margaret deSalme
Jennifer Drez
Chuck Farraj
Greg and Lisa Fender
Yubo Gao and Yinghui Xu
Nathan and Amy Graber
Terry Gromacki
Sarah Gunderson
Darin and Kris Hochstetler
Kenneth and Lynnette Holmes
Erin Howe
Angela Joseph
John and Mary Kenyon
Toshi and Junko Kitamoto
Laura Kome
Melody Kramer
Chris and Kim Lake
Loren and Erica Leclair
Jenilyn and Timothy Lewis
Bonnie Lieberman
Huan-Chung Liu and Ya-Chin Mao
Tarri Marquardt
Carrie and Uby Martinez
M. Elizabeth Matel
Jill Meadows
Sarah and Jim Meehan
Cathy and Larry Miller
Pam Nims
Cecilia and Andrew Norris
Carmen and Joe Nugent
Arlen and Lois Ottmar
Lynn Partridge
Tamera and Matthew Penning
Lynnette Racevskis
Jennifer Renk
Lauri and Adam Riss
Teri Ruby-Baker and Steve Baker
Linda Russell
Kayla Sanders
Doug and Sarah Schoon
Margaret Selby
Tracy Shaw
Mike and Kathy Shey
Sarah and Derek Shonrock
Ann Showers
Brenda Smith
Jennifer Stacy-Adams
Anu Subramanian
Kristen and Charlie Taylor
Ken Turnis
Julie and Kenny Urmie
Matthew and Natalie Van Waning
Jeff Vande Berg
Jane and Tony Vanden Bush
Natasha Wendt
Martha Wilson
Mark and Gloria Yorek
Maureen Young and Drew Mounce

Bronze Baton       $25 to $49

Mary and Karim Abdel-Malek
Rochelle Ahn
Mike Alberhasky
Marilyn Albright
Tom and Wendy Beaver
Maresi Berry and Thomas Berry-Stoelzle
Linda Bodzin
Jeneane and Matthew Brewer
William Brouwer
Hugh and Jessica Brown
Elizabeth and Jared Bruening
James Buchholz
Jeffrey and Chrstina Charis-Carlson
Katherine Cordry
Elyse Cress
Christina and Ty Cruce
Edith Darling
Amy Davis
James and Sandra DeSchinckel
Nola and Victor Edwards
Lisa Eggers
Joan Ehret
Elizabeth Elkin
Margaret Engelhardt
Erica Freeburg
Dave Frisvold
Willow Fuchs
Lori Genkinger
Calvin Greene
Teresa Grider-Baker and Todd Baker
Allison Haack
Alexander and Sarah Hachtman
Bret Hackathorn
Peg and John Harris
gosia hawk
Richard and Marylu Hoefer
William Hoefer
Kelli Jackson
Geraldine and James Jensma
Erin and Tom Jordan
Nashae Julian
Karlene and David Katz
Jeff and Summer Knight
Joshua Koza
Phillip Lange
Amy Larkey
Judd Lawler
Elisabeth Leach
Lan Ma
Jeremy Manternach
Sarah Mascher
Susan McCabe
Britt and Rob McConnell
Robert McMurray
in memory of Charles Stein/Stone
Marilyn Meyer
Maria Miller
Sara and J.P. Moninger
Linda Mullen
Mary Murphy
Matthew Nelson
Christopher Okiishi
Ellie and Jacob Oleson
Lauryn Olson
Robert Parrish and Charity Nebbe
Robert and Rita Parrish
Daphne Patton
Kurt Peterschmidt
Sheila Pinter
Sandra Plank
Rachel Plumb
Gina Pottorff
Roland Racevskis
Faith Raiford
Sasirekha Rajasekaran
Julie Rannik Houston
Matthew Reed
Roy Reynolds
Katie Roche
Jessica and Tim Roman
Rebecca Russell
Saif Sami
Rondalyn Schacht
Jeffrey Schmid
Eva Schoen
Kathy Schuh
Lisa Schumacher
Audrey Sebring
Thad Sheldon
Andrew Sherburne
Karla Steffens-Moran
Clay Stephens
Matthew and Amy Stier
Lissa Stolz
Amy Sundermann and Steve Polyak
Julie Taylor
Marlys Tharp
Laura and Daniel Thedens
Kathryn Thrams
Brandon Vakiner
Grant Van Beek and Martha Hemmingson-Van Beek
Brenda Vande Berg
Paul and Theresa Weeks
Dasha and John Wemmie
Whitney Wessling
Heather Widmayer and Charles Stanier
Ann Wieland
Amee Wilkins
Kirsten Williamson
Douglas and Kathy Wrenn
Pope Yamada
Kari and Jon Yankey
Kenneth Yeggy
Julie Zerwic